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A massage therapist trained and caring touch can have profound effect on your physical, mental and emotional states.

Physical Benefits of Massage Therapy:
  Physically relaxes the Body
Calms the nervous system
Lowers blood pressure
Reduces heart rate
Slows respiration
Loosen tight muscles
Stretches connective tissue
Reduces chronic pain
Increases blood and lymph circulation
Speeds the removal of metabolic waste
Increase red blood cell count
Relieves tired and aching muscles
Stimulates the release of endorphins
Improves muscle tone
Relieves cramps and muscle spasms
Increases flexibility and range of motion
Promotes deeper more effective breathing
Speeds recovery from injuries and illness
Strengthens the immune system
Reduces swelling
Reduces scarring
Improves posture
Reduces tension headaches
Increases tissue metabolism
Decreases muscular deterioration
Mental Benefits of Massage Therapy:
  Reduces mental stress
  Promotes better sleep
  Calms a bad temper
  Induces mental relaxation
  Improves concentration

Emotion Benefits of Massage Therapy:
  Reduces anxiety
Enhance self-image
Provides a feeling of well being
Promotes greater creative expression



Helps Reduce Fatigue
Assists Lymph Drainage
Nourishes The Tissues
Decrease Inflammation
Stress Release
Opens Blood Vessels
Nerve Soothing
Tension Release
Helps Boost Immune System
Enhances Energy
Relieves Pain
Activates Body's Healing Power
Promotes Relaxation
Improves Digestion
Eliminates Toxins
Soothes Sore Muscles


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